The November 19th edition of The Tina & Drew Show opened up with Tina giving some expensive stats for the cost of college in 2029 to 2033 tuition, room and board will run roughly $125K per year!  It’s time to start saving for college and researching what 529 programs are available.  In The News, Drew and Tina reviewed the latest KingCountyhousing-affordability index.  The data shows that now is the best time to buy in the last 17years.  The story was based on an article from Seattle Times report Eric Pryne. 

Matthew Cunanan of DC Law Group was in studio this week.  Matthew spoke about tenant’s rights and what to expect if the home you are renting is foreclosed on.  As a tenant you have rights.  The Tenants Protection Act lays the ground work for those of you who are in this situation.  Matthew gave many examples how to deal with your lease and post foreclosure process.  If you need help and want to get some advice, call Matthew at 206-494-0400.  You may reach him via email as well at

During the final segment featured Portia Gray of Coldwell Banker Bain.  Portia discussed why it is so important to work with a real estate professional who can negotiate effectively and who is a great communicator.  There are so many moving parts to a real estate transaction and you cannot let the biggest financial obligation be negotiated by a rookie.  Portia gave us many examples of what not to do.  If you would like to contact Portia you can reach her at 206-818-7195 or via email at


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