The Real Estate Radio Network® is a nationwide alliance of real estate related professionals with a common objective: delivering the timely truth about local Real Estate Markets over local radio stations.  It’s not only a unique way for honest professionals to deliver the Truth about a local marketplace to it’s residents, but also a strongly connected group of persevering individuals.

These individuals, our Hosts, believe in something greater than just a ‘transaction with the Consumer’. They share a common vision of creating a Forum for ALL to get priceless information absolutely Free on local radio stations. We help local business owners who provide excellent service with a great reputation the means necessary to bring their knowledge to the public in a way that is not only cost-effective, but also incredibly personal and private at the same time.

In listening to our Programs, there is a common theme evident…genuine. There is no sales pitch here. It’s all about helping YOU make informed decisions and we won’t stop until every market in this country has a portal to deliver this Truth about the local marketplace.

Who helps keep these valuable hosts connected? Learn more about the internal team:

Co-Founder Craig Sewing was born and raised in Missouri and attributes his successes with what he calls, “Midwest Values.”   He has a sports-related background and believes strongly in the art of competition. Attending the University of Missouri, Craig studied communications focused specifically on Television and Radio, and even worked with MTV in New York.  Despite his focus on communications, Craig immediately pursued a career in real estate after college as it energized his competitive spirit.

He immediately rose to the top of a company called American Mutual which employed 300 people annually.  A born entrepreneur Craig developed his own mortgage company in San Diego, and pioneered the vision of mixing Real Estate with Radio.  Craig continues to dominate his marketplace, and has now founded the Real Estate Radio Network.  His vision with the Real Estate Radio Network is to coach other real estate professionals through the Power of Radio and to elevate their status within their own marketplace.

Co-Founder Ron Quintero, Chief Executive Officer. Ron entered the real estate business in 1982 selling residential homes. In 1986 he launched his first of several successful companies which lead him to the business of buying, developing and selling what were non-functioning organizations for a profit. Having been a recognized top producer and a management expert, he quickly became one of the most sought after speakers in the real estate, mortgage lending and because of his extensive work with the foreclosure field, legal circles resulting in over 50,000 professionals that have attended his seminars and workshops and over 700 companies and individuals retaining him in a consulting capacity.

He has been retained by some of the top companies in the country. This list includes GE, American Express, Bank of America, MGIC, First American Title, Washington Mutual, Norwest (now Wells Fargo), TRW, DataQuick, Farmers Insurance, All State Insurance, Citibank, numerous law firms, individual mortgage companies and real estate businesses.

Dave Savage is an entrepreneur who has founded and managed several successful ventures. He has built a career by spotting and leveraging innovative technology to increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing results.

As CEO and founder of Mortgage Coach, Dave built an industry powerhouse by leveraging technology to increase the success of tens of thousands of mortgage professionals. As founder of SmartReply, he crafted an award-winning mobile communications company that delivers interactive content to over 100 million consumers annually for dozens of household brands. Dave is a consultant and speaker, sharing his perspective of current sales, technology and mobile marketing trends and best practices.


Chief Technology Officer Greg Wexler Fresh out of the University of Southern California from its current renowned Viterbi School of Engineering, Gregory jumped into Xerox PARC’s Artificial Intelligence Systems, engineering software employed by a dozen aeronautic and government joint venture entities until the entrepreneurial bug hit him.  He connected with longtime friend and business partner Dave Savage, launching both MortgageCoach & SmartReply– two well known industry leading brands.

Gregory architected and developed the technology solutions for the software and  voice/mobile marketing companies, respectively, and currently spearheads technology development at RERN.  “I’ll be the first to admit that technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do. As such, my focus keeps me engaged in leveraging systems that  our charge our enterprise and empower our radio affiliates with systems that  cultivate listener relationships via multiple media channels.”

The Real Estate Radio Network brings hard-working and ethical professionals in a community together.  We provide the media and forum necessary for Consumers to learn the truth about important aspects of their financial life, which is mostly centered around their biggest investment, the home they live in.  The Real Estate Radio Network® brings each radio program to the audience with a “live and local” show hosted by well-respected members in the local Real Estate and Financial community.